When Parents Are In A Bad Mood

OMG I literally want to bang my head against a brick wall when my parents are in a bad mood or ‘hissy fit’ as I like to call them.

You can’t get a word in edgeways and sometimes you really have to remind them who’s the child in the situation currently staring them in the face. I would like to say that it’s not always right that “you know best when you’re older” ;)

They get so upset over the smallest of things.

Example 1 – It’s raining

My brother who is 12 and struggles to pull himself away from the TV unless food is involved, forgot to clean our dogroom (which yes contains dogs). As luck would have it, it started pouring down with rain and actually pour doesn’t even do it justice, it CRASHED down with rain. Anyway, we called in the dogs and they’re pretty dumb so they just stayed outside and you guessed it, they are soaked! My dad was so annoyed with my brother and I really feel sorry for him being banished to his room.

Example 2 – Cleaning

Again my brother was left to clean the little floor in a room and he accidentally spilt a bit of washing fluid on the carpet. My dad went APE-SHIT, and I mean about to burst with anger. I mean what’s a little bit of washing fluid going to do to the floor. It’ll get cleaned up, I’m not going to worry too much about it.

Example 3 – Christmas Cake

Yes I know it’s early, but we like to feed our christmas cake. Feed I hear you say, yes feed, as in brandy (lucky cake if you ask me). I thought it was going fine and I was pretty happy as it was in the oven, until, CRAP I FORGOT TO TAKE IT OFF THE FAN SETTING. I thought the cake looked a little brown so I ran to turn it down a bit, hoping it wouldn’t be ruined. At the moment the status is “disaster averted” but we’ll see what else this family can mess up today.

Parents really are weird beings and I really am pleased I’m not one yet. What joys I have to come when I have children as odd as me…

Results Day Memories

Results day for me was a day to remember and a day to forget. I woke up this morning excited but also extremely nervous. I knew what was coming, being in an academic school meant I was due for disappointment as the many bright people around me got outstanding grades.

I was shocked at my grades and I’m not going to lie a tad disappointed but overall looking back I tried so hard and I got what I deserved. I should be thankful for my grades but I expected so much of myself that I fell at the last hurdle.

If there was anything I learnt from today it was that patience is a virtue. Panicking over your results is the wrong way to go about it! Also be happy. Today is another day, and for those of you that didn’t get what you wanted don’t give up! There is many a time in the future when you can shine and maybe it’s not academically?

GCSE results are not the be all and end all whatever people may say. They matter to you because they are a starting point and do you know what, who cares what anyone else thinks of your results. They are a milestone in your life and they don’t determine what you will do in later life. The tears will fade and you will soon forget about results.

Chin up students :)

Tomorrow is a new day. Enjoy life! You’re only young once!

Charlotte x

Contemplating Many Thoughts Inside My Small Brain


As I sit in my “too white” kitchen I am thinking of what to write. Today has been an unforgettable day and yes fortunately it is in the good sense.

I’ve spent the day in Southampton, as my Dad was booked in to go on a “high speed boat trip” leaving us behind on the quay to watch. We arrived late as we don’t normally do and some of us weren’t in the best of moods (ahem Dad) so we ignored him as we normally do.

He set off and as I had 2 hours to ponder my thoughts inside my small brain I apparently didn’t have much to think about. Normally I think about something when it comes to my head but today I was thinking about everything. Food is always on my mind but that wasn’t what I was thinking about.

Panic hit me…quite badly. Panicking about the fact that I don’t know what to study at University. Panicking about the fact I’m setting off by myself for a week for the first time in 6 years. Panicking about the fact that I’m going back to a school that I don’t particularly like.

But then I realised, many people are in the same boat as me. Many people are struggling to come to terms with the fact that we need to take risks in order to succeed. So there you have it, my next thought was succeeding. Am I going to succeed or not? The thoughts are endless, like a chain linked to my brain with piles of information ready to bombard me at any given second.

Looking at Southampton University put everything into prospective. I want to grow up but fear holds many of us back. We need to let go of our fears to propel ourselves forward (however cheesy that may seem).

Responsibility I have had from an early age, but support has always been something I’ve had to reach out for. And at this time in life I need support, it’s just sourcing the right place to find it…

This evening at dinner, conversation was dull, so I decided to announce to the family that I started a blog. My Dad choked, I don’t know whether it was the rock solid chorizo that had gone down the wrong way or the fact he was so stunned (probably the chorizo). Anyway as much as I like to stun people with my words his reply was “You, you set up a blog? No one would want to read your meaningful rubbish. You have the vocabulary of a 10 year old.”

I ignored his comment (as you can only do) and moved onto another dreary conversation about the rain falling like wet nappies from the sky. I don’t know about you, but at the dinner table any such talk about toilet activity is strictly forbidden. The comment I made didn’t go down too well but at least it shifted conversation and I didn’t die of boredom which was definitely a positive for me.

I have since learnt to eat my dinner quicker to avoid conversation as even though I am not socially deficient I hate a boring conversation.


1. Eat your dinner even if it is unbearably inedible

2. If you are a parent try to act interested even if you feel far from it

3. No one likes a boring family, take Modern Families for an example; weird but exceedingly wonderful