I’m back

Well hi again, it’s been years since I last wrote but you see I’ve been busy.

Gone are the days when I could sit and play around in the garden. I have entered the world of ‘work hard play hard’ ‘you reap what you sow’ and all that bollocks us oldies have to listen to.

The truth is the last year has been a struggle and I haven’t told many people about it. My mental health never struck me as being bad, but it caught up with me at uni.

My first year, well the majority of it has been hard. Other than meeting my boyfriend who I adore, I have had suicidal thoughts multiple times, harmed myself and once been so angry I nearly smashed my bathroom mirror.

I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and it’s safe to say anxiety controls my life. Through this blog I am looking for understanding, not pity and I hope it puts anyone in the same position at ease. I want people to ask for help because as I found out there is only so much you can take.